Tips and Hints

Tip and Hints

How to Feed Your Worms

Keep a container to put your vegetable, fruit, eggshells, and/or tea and coffee grounds in to collect enough to blend/mulch in a blender or food processor weekly.

You really do not want to “bother” the worms more than once a week, they do better if not disturbed so they can work.
After you have the food ready lift the cover and pour the food on top of the bedding and worms.
Put some strip cut paper on top, and if it seems too dry add some water to dampen the newspaper. You do not want it too wet either.
For example if you were to grab a handful and squeeze it like a sponge only a few drops would come out.
Keep the farm in a place that can be no colder than 50 degrees and a
place that has light 24 hours.

The use of organic products actually reduce the cost of gardening in the long run because the long-depleted soil is gradually restored naturally and plants grown in this soil begin to develop their own defenses against pests and diseases.

Cut flowers love a teaspoon added to the water, it increases length of live and promotes more blooms. This organic plant food is great if you have pets or children, there are no chemicals to be breathed in, digested, or absorbed through the skin.

Our castings are the purest form. We sift any large particles so you get the richest part that can be mixed with your garden dirt or potting soil. You can use for indoor transplanting year round.

Worm Tea and Castings will not heat up and burn your plants; they work as a soil amender and sit in the soil until the plant is ready to use it.

Worm Tea can be used full strength on sick plants. Use instead of water directly on the soil. Worm tea is not only a great organic
plant food it is also a natural repellent for aphids, spider mites, scale and white flies.

This product will not kill insects, but repels them with a smell not detected by the human nose. To use as a repellant spray plant liberally with tea full strength, apply again after rains. Worm tea is also good for covering large areas such as lawns, orchards, gardens, etc. This type of organic plant food is said to increase plant appearance and up productivity by 4-10 times. Plants really perk up with this product, almost over-night. It’s like having a
compost pile in a bottle, much easier to use and its available year around.