About Us

Many people wonder how in the world did we decide to become worm farmers?

It is an inspired idea.

In the mid 1990’s we would visit and sometimes travel with some wonderful evangelist friends of ours, Lew and Lorri. One weekend at a picnic BBQ for Lew’s birthday Lorri had her sister in law and myself digging for worms in the church yard with the cups and spoons from the kitchen! She needed worms to feed her tropical fish.

Lorri loved to have pretty tropical fish, but she felt spending money that was given to support their ministry for her fish was not good use of God’s finances. She talked to some fishermen friends of hers and they showed her how to collect worms and keep them in a worm box. Our conversation progressed and she mentioned that some people make of money with worms, and they were good for composting garbage.

So when we got home I started doing some research and we purchased our first worm tower. We have learned much about composting and worm growing. We decided to start our business to share our knowledge and help other people make smart decisions on how to compost and help keep our planet green.

How did we come up with the name 3 in 1 Worm Ranch? Giving credit to God for the inspiration of getting started with worms, as in a line from Chris Tomlin’s music version of “How Great is Our God: The Godhead, Three in one, Father, Spirit, Son”; and we get 3 products out of one. We start with worms and get more worms, worm tea, and worm castings.

Farmers can use worms to break down manure, restaurants can use worms to compost the leftover foods, and there is even some research going on about how to breed a worm that will eat toxic materials such as batteries.

It is the way of the future, going back to nature.