We specialize in Red Wigglers that put out a by-product called castings, Our Worm Tea is richer in nutrients than most others because we feed our worms a variety of food stuffs. Worm tea and castings are infinitely richer in nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and potash than the upper 6 inches of topsoil

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Our Worm Tea is made from natural worm castings (worm poop) and provides many nutrients, minerals, beneficial microbes and bacteria essential for healthy soil. As the worms process their food it prepares the nutrients to be absorbed by the plants.

We have perfected a bottling process that keep the microbes active. You do not have to use it right away. As long as you keep it out of sunlight it will last until you use it all up. The Worm Tea also will help inoculate your potting soil against fungi. I add to my potting soil before I transplant any plants and even if I break some roots, the plants thrive and start growing right away. It also repels insects. Keeps aphids off roses and will kill ants! Because I use it weekly on my plants in the kitchen I can leave fruit and vegetable scraps uncovered on my counter and get no fruit flies!

In years of using this Worm Tea I have not had any go into shock and die. Our Worm Tea offers the benefits of worm castings in a liquid concentrated form and is great for both indoor and outdoor plants. Worm Tea is odorless natural nontoxic and is the great natural alternative to using chemical fertilizers. If you ever notice an odor do not use it and contact us for a replacement bottle.

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